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Finished that Potty Book!

Well, I didn’t finish by the end of the month; it is April 2, and I just finished my potty book-of-the-month.

But, if I had not been traveling for a week in the middle?  I would have finished with time to spare.

So for me, the potty reading habit will live on…there’s already a book of William Blake poetry waiting for my next “visit”.

If you remember, I was reading The Last Lecture, a collection of anecdotes and wisdom from Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only a few months to live.  I knew the basics of his story because I had seen part of the lecture video, but there was so much more depth in the book.

Randy Pausch spent his days chasing after the dreams of his childhood: he loved Disney and wanted to be an Imagineer–which he achieved.  He wanted to be in zero gravity–which he achieved.  The list goes on and on, but more than gloating about his accomplishments, Pausch wrote about how he achieved his goals and why he personally had the tenacity to reach after them.

He’s an interesting study in optimism…though the whole thing should be sad, I only got a bit choked up at the end, and even that wasn’t in a manner of pity.  If you’re looking for something inspiring, accessible, and quick-to-read, add this to your list.

And if you have an hour or so, check out the video of his lecture*:

It’s worth the time.

If you were told you had three months left of good health, what would you do with it?

*Note: Beware of (and sorry for the pun) some potty language in the lecture.


Potty Reading Update

Well, even though I was gone for a week and didn’t take my potty selection with me (how odd would that be at the in-laws’?), I still managed to get to page 127, another 47 pages.

I bet I can finish the entire book by the end of the month, which tells me I should make this a regular thing.

I’m looking for suggestions for my next potty pick: can you recommend something fairly short with short chapters or lots of breaks?  Or a particularly moving book of poetry perhaps?  Anything but magazines…or the Bible.  I love God and read his Word {almost} daily, but I think He deserves a more reverent location!

So reader friend, what would you recommend?

Potty Reading: Week 1

Last week I announced that I planned to do double duty while…well, doing my dooty, if I can be so plain.  I have been mostly faithful in this–I don’t always remember, but I’ve remembered more than I imagined I would.

And the results have been pretty surprising: I’ve read 80 pages in a week, just during bathroom visits.

I think the most helpful thing thus far has been that my book moves quickly and has lots of natural stops, like short chapters and paragraph breaks.  It’s easy to say,  “Okay, I’ll read to this spot,” and set the book aside.

At this rate, I should be able to finish the book this month…and I think this method could work with any novel.  Wouldn’t that be something, add an extra novel to your every month just by using the toilet?

So far, so good, though we’re headed home for spring break on Friday and will be there until Wednesday.  I’m not bringing my bathroom book–that would be a bit awkward to explain to the in-laws!

Potty Reading?

potty training

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Are you the type to read while…taking care of business?

I always thought my father’s foot-high stack of Holstein World (what else would self-respecting dairy farmer read?) looked silly in the bathroom.

But then, I became a mom.  And for a mom, there aren’t as many opportunities to lounge in bed or sprawl out on the couch with a book of your choosing.

So, March is going to be my Potty Reading Month.

When I…ahem, take care of my business, I will also take a little time to read from a book discreetly located near my…um, business center.  I received a copy of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and thought that its short pages would be an excellent first choice.

This entire thing is an experiment: how much reading can a mother actually squeeze in while…well, you know…without taking so long babies start crying or little ones uncover mischief?  Stay tuned for the results!

But I must ask: do you read while…you know?