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Pookie Loves American Girl!

Hello all, Pookie here!  It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my read alouds with Mama, but summer is a busy time for me…travel, parties, juice boxes.  You understand.

Anyway, we struggled to find something good to read for a long stretch, but once Mama started reading me American Girl books, we seemed to hit a rhythm.  We’ve read Meet Felicity and Felicity Learns a Lesson.  Right now we’re reading Felicity’s Surprise; sense a pattern?  Once we finish the Felicity books, we might take a break from American Girl…or we might not.  Who knows.  The world is our sandbox.

I know you’re thinking those books are for big girls, but does it really matter?  I’m learning to listen to a story, aren’t I?  And Mama’s enjoying the stories, which is more than we can say for Stuart Little

We’ve also had a change in when we read our read alouds, because Mama felt the need to read more of the Bible throughout the day.  So, our story read aloud has moved to whenever it fits in our day, and we read the Bible at breakfast and lunch.  We read again with Papa after supper, which is my favorite Bible time of the day because I get to hold and flip through my own Bible, the pink one my pastor and his wife gave me right after I was born.

It’s pretty special to me.

So, that’s what I’ve been reading…hope you’re reading something good, too!

P.S. Could you tell Mama to take pictures of me when I’m doing something other than eating?


Wordless Wednesday :: Birthday, Birthday!

Bookish things will be back tomorrow…once I recover from the cuteness.

Wordless Wednesday :: Charlie Brown and Snoopy pose

Love, love, love these two and the time we spent Saturday at a local park.  The tall one got bad news about a grant and the short one is struggling with a cold, so that’s why you haven’t seen me this week and likely won’t again until next Monday…so enjoy the picture and I’ll be back!

Wordless Wednesday: Yogurt Face!

Not Classic, but Thankful

Yes, I know, another Monday in which I skip Classic Monday…but hey, I was on spring break!

{ I love that I will forever have spring break because of my professor-in-the-making husband :D }

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and recommend One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp…which I want to devour and take in slowly at once.  Make sense?

Ann decided that in order to ground herself in the here-and-now, to really experience, remember, and enjoy it, to begin a gratitude journal, aiming specfically to find one thousand things for which to be thankful.

I started my list previously, and would like to add a few more today…

11.  The peace God grants with obedience, even when you don’t get what you want.

12. Seeing the Amtrak station for the first time:
the romance of watching lovers cling to one another while they wait,
the thunder of the train, the joy of loved ones reunited…makes me want to travel!

13. Watching my grandfather delight in giving Pookie ice cream
I had to say, “No, no, better not,” because I’m her mother
{and it’s not as fun if it’s allowed},
but secretly I relished the glee on both their faces.

14. The same Pookie eating lemons,
her face puckering and her lips smacking before I had even handed her the golden fruit.

15. Leaving baby with grandparents to enjoy
the world’s best hot and sour soup with the world’s best husband.

16. Sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin,
wrapped in a paper wrapper from my favorite gas station–
and I can only get one when we visit our folks.

17. Coming back to my kitchen, my routines, my baby girl’s cloth diapers, my home.

18. A pastor who keeps preaching great story ideas, without even knowing it.

19. A newborn baby girl in the apartment above us…
I made her parents promise to come for a visit this week!

20. An apartment to clean: my folks and brother are staying with us tonight
in the midst of culinary college touring
it will be great to have a chef in the family!

Reader friend, what are you thankful for today?

and Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Pookie Begins Reading

Hi!  My name is Pookie.  Well…no, it isn’t.  But Mommy says that you, whoever you are, could be a psychopath, and it’s better if you call me Pookie.

Anyway, Mommy and I spend time reading board books and baby books, but she also has this crazy idea to start reading chapter books to me.

Chapter books.  See my “huh?” face?  I’m seven months old (going on eight, thank you).  Sometimes, I think Mommy reads them more for herself than for me, but I can’t be sure.  So anyway, we eat lunch, sing a hymn from the hymnbook, and then we snuggle up to read together.

A while ago, we finished Charlotte’s Web, which is about a pig and a spider and a rat and a farm and a county fair.  At least that’s what I got out of it.  Mommy says it’s a beautiful story about growth, life, death, and friendship.  She really liked the gentle way it handled the passing of animals and the growing-up of kids.  And that the language brings her back to growing up on a farm, and growing up in general, when times and life were sweeter.

I liked that (almost) every chapter ended with Wilbur, Charlotte, and their friends going to sleep for the night; it was the perfect way to go from playtime to naptime for me, because it made me sleepy.

Well, speaking of playtime, I should go: my blocks are calling my name (which is Pookie, in case you’re a crazie)…but I’ll be back another time!

Wordless Wednesday: Learning the Art of the Sippy Cup {video}

Steady Days and change in our home!

I would recommend Steady Days to any new–or not so new–mother: it reads quickly in one sitting or (more effectively) can be read in tiny bursts, then set aside so that you can ponder what you have read and figure out how to implement it into your day.

The author addresses everything from routines to capturing memories to drafting a mission/vision statement.  A lot of the information wasn’t new to me, and a lot of things I already had figured out for our household.  But a few really hit home.

For me, the biggest thing I took away was the idea of the flexible but structured routine for “steady days”.  Previously, I had created all sorts of schedules that included too much for Pookie and I right now: I accounted for every minute and then felt stifled to the point where I rejected the schedule and did nothing.  My house was in shambles, I played less with my darling than I wanted to, and I spent way too much time on the computer.

For me, in this season, I need a morning routine, routines for filling nap times with housework and writing, an afternoon routine to get supper started and the house quickly picked up, and an after-dinner-quick-clean-the-kitchen-so-I-don’t-start-tomorrow-with-a-disaster routine.  The rest of the day fills itself with together playtime, reading together, independent play for both of us (Pookie on the floor with toys, me at the computer or with a book), and a whole lot more enjoyment.

The other big thing I took away was this: a little bit of TV is okay…and it can go a long way. After doing all sorts of reading online about babies and TV, I fretted that I had done Pookie serious, permanent damage by letting her anywhere near a television screen.  Common sense from the author (and my own memory of my childhood) tells me otherwise: a single kid-friendly TV show every day, balanced with a lot of active play, is not going to kill anybody.  So, I integrated Pookie’s TV time and my afternoon routine time.  I nestle her in a chair (she’s not mobile yet, but soon I’ll have to get a play pen or something out) with a few toys and turn on Veggie Tales.  At just seven months old, she watches the songs and sings along {so cute} but otherwise plays with her toys.

The TV show is almost more for my benefit: my afternoon routine of straightening and prepping dinner has a finite time limit.  I won’t clean forever, and I won’t ignore it either because when the Veggie Tales stop dancing, we move onto the next part of the day.  It’s a scheduled event that is extremely freeing.

And doesn’t she look like she’s having a good time? {I would have stopped to take more and better pictures…but I had things to do during this time! :D }

For more information on the book, the author, and the ideas she teaches, visit her website.  There are downloadable worksheets and lots of encouragement and inspiration–something every mom could use a little more of!

{photo credit}

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