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Non-Fiction Titles 2011

I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post that I plan to read four classics, twelve non-fiction books, and 44 just-for-fun books this year.

{Why 44?  I like nice, round numbers.}

In past years, I’ve made long lists of books that sounded great but weren’t readily accessible to me because…well, they cost money.  And money for books, I ain’t got.

So here is my 2011 all-available-at-the-library, non-fiction list:

January: DebtFree U :: Bissonnette

February: Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever :: Fox

March: Open Heart, Open Home :: Mains

April: Surprised by Hope :: Wright

May: Your Baby and Child :: Leach

June: Empire of Liberty :: Wood

July: Steady Days :: Martin

August: How to Survive Without a Salary :: Wood

September: The Well-Educated Mind :: Bauer

October: Bonhoeffer :: Metaxas

November: How Children Learn :: Holt

December: The Family Dinner :: David

My classics choices were based on books on our shelves just waiting to be read: The Big Fisherman, Wives and Daughters (which I’m halfway through but put down and now have to wait for Professor to finish), Oliver Twist, and Ben-Hur.  Should be a fun year! :D