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I feel so childish: I have snuck away from the grown-ups at my in-laws, hiding in their computer room with sad music playing in the background.

But if I have to hear anymore, it will surely break my heart.

You see, their church–my husband’s church, the first church I attended after accepting Christ–is in ruins.  And two men, my father- and grandfather-in-law sit out there on those couches, their feet up and do nothing.

“The pastor’s wife said that sometimes you gotta weed people out of a church,” the older one says and guffaws.  His son follows suit.  My husband reels and keeps from screaming, but his voice is definitely raised when he says, “Are you serious?”

I am one of those who was weeded out.  So is my mother-in-law.

I am not a member there, I am not a man, I am not a deacon, and I don’t even live in this state, so the mess is not mine to clean up.  But I did reach out to the pastor who hurt me with a Matthew 18:15 peace offering, done by email.

No reply yet and I don’t expect one, but I held up my end according to Scripture.

Still, the whole thing breaks my heart…so I’ll just turn up the sad music and do my best to let God work out the details, even though I want to scream and rail and fix it myself.