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A woman in my Bible study is going through a list of every reference to thankfulness in the Bible.  She shares her gleanings when we meet, and it really got me thinking about being thankful myself…

So today, I begin my list of things, large and small, for which I can express gratitude:
1. Wisdom from women who have seen and heard and experienced more than I have.
2. M&Ms. :D
3. The gentle rise and fall of baby’s chest in sweet slumber, while baby dreams are dreamed.
4. Conviction from the Holy Spirit and change in my heart no matter how the issue resolves elsewhere.
5. A praying husband.
6. Sunday’s glorious three-hour nap.
7. A ceasefire of snow.
8. The love and chase after knowledge that my darling Professor and I share.
9. Cupboards that seem to never run dry, like the woman who fed Elijah.
10. Books to read, naturally.

Reader-friend, what are you thankful for today?

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