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Mama Goes to College

Well, sort of.  But not really.

I realized recently that though I don’t miss being told what to read, when to read it, and how to think about it, I do miss the stimulation and accountability that college builds into my reading life.  So I took it upon myself to create my own semester schedule!

I know I’ve said before that reading plans stifle me, but this is looser in the sense that I have assigned course topics and beyond that can read as I please, whatever book strikes my fancy on that topic.

Originally, I had a four-course load but realized that’s too much when paired with my full-time job of monkey wrangler mom and part-time, self-imposed writer gig.

So my “formal” courses are

Ron Paul-ism.  I started following Ron Paul’s political career in 2007 when I saw “Who is Ron Paul?” scrawled in sidewalk chalk on my way home from class.  After a little time on Google, he became my candidate of choice for the 2008 election and I am thrilled to support him this time around in his bid for the presidency.  I am in love with this Congressman from Texas’s principles, integrity, and consistency.  Only the first can be learned by books, so I’m reading books by Dr. Paul and some he recommends on monetary and foreign policy.  I highly recommend you check out his campaign website here.

The French Revolution.  After reading Gates of Gold and seeing several documentaries that show how much the French influenced the American Revolution and vice versa, I’ve wanted to know more about this period in history…beyond Kirsten Dunst and “let them eat cake.”

Running.  Not reading material, true, but it takes up my time for it, and if I went to University, they would charge me to take a class on it, so it counts.

I’ll also be reading fiction, cookbooks, and anything that grabs my fancy from the “New” shelf at the library as I see fit.

What are you reading this fall?