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Pookie Loves American Girl!

Hello all, Pookie here!  It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my read alouds with Mama, but summer is a busy time for me…travel, parties, juice boxes.  You understand.

Anyway, we struggled to find something good to read for a long stretch, but once Mama started reading me American Girl books, we seemed to hit a rhythm.  We’ve read Meet Felicity and Felicity Learns a Lesson.  Right now we’re reading Felicity’s Surprise; sense a pattern?  Once we finish the Felicity books, we might take a break from American Girl…or we might not.  Who knows.  The world is our sandbox.

I know you’re thinking those books are for big girls, but does it really matter?  I’m learning to listen to a story, aren’t I?  And Mama’s enjoying the stories, which is more than we can say for Stuart Little

We’ve also had a change in when we read our read alouds, because Mama felt the need to read more of the Bible throughout the day.  So, our story read aloud has moved to whenever it fits in our day, and we read the Bible at breakfast and lunch.  We read again with Papa after supper, which is my favorite Bible time of the day because I get to hold and flip through my own Bible, the pink one my pastor and his wife gave me right after I was born.

It’s pretty special to me.

So, that’s what I’ve been reading…hope you’re reading something good, too!

P.S. Could you tell Mama to take pictures of me when I’m doing something other than eating?


Pookie Begins Reading

Hi!  My name is Pookie.  Well…no, it isn’t.  But Mommy says that you, whoever you are, could be a psychopath, and it’s better if you call me Pookie.

Anyway, Mommy and I spend time reading board books and baby books, but she also has this crazy idea to start reading chapter books to me.

Chapter books.  See my “huh?” face?  I’m seven months old (going on eight, thank you).  Sometimes, I think Mommy reads them more for herself than for me, but I can’t be sure.  So anyway, we eat lunch, sing a hymn from the hymnbook, and then we snuggle up to read together.

A while ago, we finished Charlotte’s Web, which is about a pig and a spider and a rat and a farm and a county fair.  At least that’s what I got out of it.  Mommy says it’s a beautiful story about growth, life, death, and friendship.  She really liked the gentle way it handled the passing of animals and the growing-up of kids.  And that the language brings her back to growing up on a farm, and growing up in general, when times and life were sweeter.

I liked that (almost) every chapter ended with Wilbur, Charlotte, and their friends going to sleep for the night; it was the perfect way to go from playtime to naptime for me, because it made me sleepy.

Well, speaking of playtime, I should go: my blocks are calling my name (which is Pookie, in case you’re a crazie)…but I’ll be back another time!