Too Many Books = Reader Blues

So, I’ve done it again, as is my terrible habit: I’ve started a whole bunch of books and don’t have much will to finish them.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve got going right now:

Liberty Defined, Ron Paul.  I very much want to finish this book beore it’s due at the beginning of October, but it’s so very dense that I can’t read much at a time.  There’s so much good, solid truth in Dr. Paul’s words that I don’t want to just blaze through it….maybe I’ll have to read half now, return it, and check it out again sometime.

The $5 Dinner Cookbook, Erin Chase.  Also, the breakfast and lunch cookbook by the same author.  So many good recipes, so little time!

The City of Tranquil Light, Bo Caldwell.  This novel about missionaries from China around 1910 is really good but getting sad so part of me is reluctant to pick it up.

Vive la Revolution, Mark Steel.  Learning a lot but since I own the book I’m setting it aside until I clear a few other things from my plate.

There are some other novels waiting, plus I had to return ten or so books I hadn’t gotten to but had incured mucho fines for ignoring…

Phew…now that it’s listed, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but for some reason, I feel overwhelmed lately.  Like I never get any reading in.  Like I’m getting nowhere.

Have you ever felt that way?  What helped?


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