Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

I found The Pioneer Woman blog sometime in college.  As a dairy farmer’s daughter in a big city, I really enjoyed reading about a city girl moving to the country; it helped with the homesickness.  It also helped that Ree was incredibly funny.

I enjoyed the story of how she met her husband, who is known on the site as Marlboro Man (though Ree is quick to point out he doesn’t smoke), which was told in installments.  Over time, other blogs caught my interest and my visit to PW were less frequent.  But when I saw that she had published her love story as a book, I was excited…and then even more pumped when I saw it on the shelf at my local library!

True to the writing style on her blog, the book is humorous, touching, and relatable.  Ree’s word choices can be over the top sometimes, but it definitely rings true of her voice.

The book includes not only their courtship, it also tells about their wedding, disaster honeymoon (waaaaaaaaaay too much vomiting to be a fun trip!), almost immediate pregnancy, down-on-our-ranching-luck first year, and the birth of their first baby.  Again, it made me nostalgic for home and country living and gave me the itch to get back to farming with the Professor and Pookie.  But we’ll get there someday.  In the meantime, fun summer reads like this one help take the edge off the wait.


What have you read this summer?


2 responses to “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

  1. Becky Terry August 24, 2011 at 6:58 am

    I just got finished reading “The Help.” Had to jump on the bandwagon to be relevant in the current “cultural events” (which is a joke since I’m usually NOT….only if it interests me, I guess). I suppose it captured my interest having grown up in the 60’s and having lived in the South most of my life now. I enjoyed tit ~ I know some have had a hard time with the dialect sections, but I think she nailed it. I also wanted to go see the movie (which I hardly ever do either). So, it was a nice read.

    I am now reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” One I had never gotten around to. I’m about half way through. Pretty condensed reading, so sorta slow going. But enjoying it, as well.

    Before that, “Water for Elephants.” Not a fan. The premise was very unique, of course, but too dark for me. I know the darkness of humanity ~ I don’t need to be reminded. At my age…I’m moving more towards lighter fare, because again….I know the evil out there and would like to focus on other things. Fun, surprise ending, though.

    I also read “River Town” about a guy in the Peace Corps in East Asia near where my daughter lives….it helped me to understand a little bit more her living environment. Not a book I would normally read…..very long and dense with hardly any dialogue (took me months!), but he is a good writer ~ probably wouldn’t be able to get through it otherwise.

    Next up: perhaps, “Sarah’s Key” (’cause I saw it is coming out in a movie). My sister really liked it, although, I heard that is dark, too. Hmmmm….oh the humanity!



    P.S. I saw where the Pioneer Women is having a show on the Food Network…I think Saturday mornings.

    • MK @ thismomreads August 24, 2011 at 6:10 pm

      I’m so excited to hear you say you read The Help; I’m reading it whenever I take Pookie to the mall, there’s a play area right outside B&N where I can read for free on my Nook…but I’m always chasing the Pookster that I hardly get anything read! I figure it’ll get easier as she gets a bit bigger and come winter when we go there more often because we can’t walk outside.

      I hear you on the “dark” stuff; I’m reading more and more nonfiction these days because I’m just not sure where to draw the line in the sand…or even where to find it! :D

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