Gates of Gold

I have finished my first American Girl “Girls of Many Lands” novel (the one I mentioned here).

And I truly enjoyed it.

Sure, the prose came off as too didactic at times, but overall the story was engaging and the history it detailed informative.

Gates of Gold follows a young girl, Cecile, as a right-place-right-time events plucks her from peasantry to a position at the court of Versailles.  Cecile cares for one of the courtiers dogs and curries favor with the prince and princess’s small boys.  She acts out of turn according to the rules of court on several occasions, but only because her conscience begs her to do so; the internal dilemma of right vs. protocol shows that Cecile is a thoughtful, well-intentioned girl–an excellent role model for any young girl who might read the book.

Cecile acts out against the court doctors in order to save the life of the princess’s toddler, despite the fact that she could be banished…or even sent to the Bastille.

Overall, a believable, moral heroine; I hope one day Pookie will look up to her and any other girls in this series.

And the historical details were so fun!  The wigs, the dresses, the lavish furnishings–and after the story there were several pages of historical notes and tidbits that I greatly enjoyed.

I think I may even pick up another when I’m next at the library!

Do you enjoy children’s/YA series?  I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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