On My Hiatus and Overwhelm

So, I stopped posting.  I didn’t say good-bye or “see ya later.”  I didn’t explain that I was uninspired or that I would be away for a week visiting family and helping with sibling graduation parties.

I’ve started and stopped blogging more time than I could count, particularly about books and reading, because I always worried about not being able to “build a presence” or “gain a following.”  Plus, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of books other book bloggers get through.

Then, while sitting on my parents’ front porch swing, rocking peacefully while Pookie napped and the Professor brushed up on his Nazi-killing skills with my younger brother in front of the XBox, I read something that really spoke to me:

A child who is racing through “Number 23 of the Magic Tree House Series!” in a rush to pull ahead of their friend is not reading so much as consuming.  When a desire for the next thing is at the heart of an experience, we’re involved in an addiction, not a connection.
Kim John Payne, M.Ed., in his book Simplicity Parenting (emphasis mine)

When I read to fill a quota or to finish some list of bests or to keep-up-with-the-bloggers, I enjoy reading far less and even put it off.  I started this blog to record what I’m reading, not to compete…guess I just needed a reminder of that.

I’m determined to make reading a joy again, one book (read slowly if that’s how it goes) at a time.

I’ve decided to try scheduled blogging; I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays and see how that goes.  And since Simplicity Parenting is due Thursday, I’ve got to finish it (and blog about it!) by then.

Happy reading, everyone!


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