Potty Reading?

potty training

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Are you the type to read while…taking care of business?

I always thought my father’s foot-high stack of Holstein World (what else would self-respecting dairy farmer read?) looked silly in the bathroom.

But then, I became a mom.  And for a mom, there aren’t as many opportunities to lounge in bed or sprawl out on the couch with a book of your choosing.

So, March is going to be my Potty Reading Month.

When I…ahem, take care of my business, I will also take a little time to read from a book discreetly located near my…um, business center.  I received a copy of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and thought that its short pages would be an excellent first choice.

This entire thing is an experiment: how much reading can a mother actually squeeze in while…well, you know…without taking so long babies start crying or little ones uncover mischief?  Stay tuned for the results!

But I must ask: do you read while…you know?


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