3 Radical Dates

Let me start by saying that if the weather has made your marital communication a bit stale, Radical is a great way to make the conversation flow again.

Here’s all we did:

  1. Sat down together.
  2. The Professor read the chapter out loud.

Yes, you heard…well, read that correctly: it’s a simple, two step process!  And–wait for it–it can be re-applied to any book you’d like!

Anyway, moving on to our conversation–today we will cover just chapter one.

The author tells stories to contrast churchgoing in America and places where the church is persecuted: it is a far easier decision to make when you are going to somewhere comfortable, socially acceptable, and even fun, but would I still travel to worship with others if it were costly, dirty, crowded, stiflingly hot, or overwhelmingly sad?

The Professor and I love the church we attend, we really do.  But we see now that we need to do more; we need to be willing to get dirty, to get down in the trenches with those who are struggling, suffering, feeling lost and alone.

Jesus says to love your neighbor, and so we started looking for opportunities to love in our community.

Pookie is too little to take to homeless shelters (rules and such), though that is where my heart has always been.  Food pantries are wonderful, but how will we be able to put words to our Gospel-actions there?

Thank the Lord for Google: just up the road from us–within stroller-walking distance when the weather is warmer–is a nursing home.  A nursing home full of people who need to be loved and seen and heard and cared for.   Tomorrow, Pookie and I are meeting with their volunteer liaison, who is going to introduce us to some residents who don’t often get visitors; the Professor will join us for the next visit.

If anyone asks why we are there, I already have my answer:

Jesus said to love your neighbor, and we live just down the street.

Where and how can you love today?

{photo credit1 and 2}


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