Alive Again

Well, that was certainly an unexpected hiatus: I wound up with a major ear infection–in both ears.  And when I say “major,” I mean that the doctor at the quick clinic told me I would need to see my regular physician in ten days to make sure everything had actually cleared up because “that looks evil.”

It’s every girl’s dream to have evil-looking ears.

And you would think that all of that time without my hearing {yes, it was that bad; sometimes I did not even hear Pookie cry out from her crib} that I would have gotten a lot of reading done.  Reading, which requires no hearing.  But oh no, I was a slave to the television.

Television is mindless bliss when you have a raging, delusional fever. Even if every other person in your apartment building has to hear that you are watching reruns of Cake Boss.

So, I don’t have much to report, except what I hope to blog about now that the doldrums of a bitter January and pathetic illness are melting away with the snow:

  • Next week, I will have my first “This Week in Classics” post, in which I share what I’ve read in The Big Fisherman.  It’s a great story so far, and definitely worth picking up!
  • I will also be sharing more in-depth about the book Radical by David Platt that I reviewed previously.  Professor and I have had two “Radical dates”–sitting down to read a chapter out loud, then discussing it–that have been wonderful for our marriage and our {previously non-existent} ministry to others.  On the phone this morning, Professor actually said we should read another chapter tonight instead of waiting for our usual Wednesday night reading–looks like I’ll have all the more to post about!
  • I’ve had other posts rattling around in my brain, so you can expect potty talk {no, not potty language, potty training…you sicko}, writing talk, crafty talk {perhaps even pictures!}…basically, more talk.

But for now, I need to use my newfound energy on laundry and dishes and general get-back-in-gear stuff; happy weekend to you, whoever you are!

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