New Year, New Goals

In 2011, I will…

as a


Read through the Gospels twelve times.

Volunteer with my family at a shelter or nursing home or soup kitchen at least once by July (in hopes of finding a good fit and opportunity to minister regularly).

as a


Create and follow a loose schedule that leaves room for play, creativity, and downtime while still getting the chores done.

as a

{lover of letters}

Finish my novel in time to have my free copy printed, then post my manuscript to

Read four classics, twelve non-fiction books, and 44 just-because books (to be discussed at a later date).

as a

{student loan-ower}

Make a dent that equals 10% of our current annual income.


is the word this year

This year, I’m keeping it simple and keeping it doable; resolutions that will just become part of life.  Expect a progress update and new goals or shifts in goals in April.

What are you doing differently in 2011?


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